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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines the steps taken to protect visitor’s personal information while using Please make sure to read the privacy policy page before using our website. If you aren’t able to fully comply and accept the information detailed, please discontinue use immediately.

Personal information

While using our site, we may collect specific information, such as the visitors email address and name. This type of information is voluntarily submitted in the process of certain activities, including:

Signing up to receive a newsletter or similar correspondence

Making a request or inquiry

Any information that is personally identifiable is kept secure and encrypted at all times.

How is the information used?

Most of the information collected is used to help evaluate user’s pattern or trends when using the site, such as the links clicked or pages visited. By gathering this type of information it is possible to customize content, create responsive features and improve site speed and performance. Additionally, the personally identifiable information that is willingly provided is limited to use for contacting purposes like special offers or other useful opportunities.

What methods are used to gather the data?

The non-personal information is gathered using cookies, which pass the details to our secure servers. Cookies are controlled via your web browser and stored on the PC or laptop hard drive. The type of cookies used is limited to temporary session variables, which do not attempt to access personal details.

Who gets access to the gathered information?

Any of the personal information is only used by our company for the purpose of customer support and improving site performance. We do not distribute, disclose, or sell the gathered details to third parties.

What steps are taken to protect visitor privacy?

All data is kept secure and in-house at all times. Our company has put in place procedures and policies to make sure data is very secure and protected. Even though these steps are taken to provide a high level of confidentiality, we are unable to give 100% assurance of confidentiality. By using this site, you are in agreement that our company is not at fault or blame should personal details be breached by something outside our control.

What are the external links on the site? includes links to multiple third-party gambling sites that are entirely outside our control and therefore do no form part of this privacy policy. Assessing